Responsible innovation

We believe our products should make a real contribution to an individual’s wellbeing and that of their community, while having the least possible adverse impact on the environment at every stage in the product lifecycle.

Helping people do good

Alan Jope

Today people are much more aware of global issues such as poverty, climate change and the depletion of natural resources. Consumers are increasingly looking for products that help them do good.

Social, economic & environmental metrics

We aim to manage and grow our business in a responsible and sustainable way. Specifically, that includes optimising the functionality and benefits of all our products, minimising waste and improving the eco-efficiency of our manufacturing plants, particularly with regards to CO2 emissions. We do this by incorporating social, economic and environmental metrics into our innovation plans.

Some examples

  • We are investing €2.4 million over 2007-2012 in reducing the impact on climate change through initiatives covering every stage of Ben & Jerry's European production process and offsetting the remaining impact by investing in Gold Standard clean energy projects
  • In 2007, Small & Mighty saved 33 million litres of water and plastic equivalent to 262 million shopping bags and 665 tonnes of CO2
  • The Rexona 50ml roll-on deodorant design and manufacturing process was overhauled to reduce energy consumption by six million kW/hour
  • In October 2007, Lifebuoy launched Global Handwashing Day across 70 countries, supporting the UN initiative that could save more lives than any single vaccine or medical intervention

The importance of safety

Safety is an essential element of any business. At the design stage of a product or process, we check the safety of new raw materials, the development of new actives, formulations and methods. We also check the safety of packaging, distribution and promotional activities. Our safety policies apply to all products no matter where in the world they are manufactured or sold.

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