Restaurant quality for convenient foods at home

The global Centre of Excellence in Cisterna, Italy focuses on composite food products such as meals, salads, snacks and bakery goods.

Cisterna, a passion for food

The Centre of Excellence, Assembled Foods, will bring together all our know-how on complex food products i.e.: selection and maintenance of the highest quality of ingredients in products (fruits & vegetables, meats, fish, cereals), downstream product assembly and freezing technology. The global R&D centre will develop assembled foods for brands such as Findus, Santa Rosa, Unox, Bifi and Peperami. It employs 50 R&D professionals in Cisterna, Italy.

Restaurant quality for convenience foods

The challenge for the technical centre is to develop convenient, tasty and healthy assembled food products. The approach will be to use exclusive ingredients and culinary techniques to deliver restaurant quality with convenient foods. The centre’s objective will be to keep on developing step changes in taste quality, naturalness and nutritional goodness through innovative products and process design.

To achieve this, the Unilever R&D centre in Cisterna will build towards a world-class technical capability in:

  • The assembled foods value chain – from raw materials to products

All the technical know-how needed to make assembled foods: from raw materials to creative product formulation and design, to manufacturing and distribution to the shelf around the world.

  • Freezing and downstream product assembly

Leveraging the Italian passion for food and know-how on frozen foods into new markets and into chilled and ambient products.

  • Product and process design

Product design and processing technology to deliver restaurant quality assembled foods for tasty, healthy and convenient meals. Includes new proprietary technologies to increase quality, preservation and shelf life.

  • Scouting the external world

Scouting new trends focusing on novel technologies, process design and full upscaling are the first steps for the creation of early idea prototypes that can be further developed through open innovation and exclusive partnerships.

Roberto Nardi, Director of the Centre of Excellence Assembled Foods, stated at the opening: "Today we celebrate our passion for food and for R&D excellence. These two ingredients allow us to bring restaurant quality to people's plate at home, with convenient food products".

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