Closeup is synonymous with 'Freshness' that gives you the confidence in social situations, encouraging people to open up by getting over their self doubt. It is aimed at every person who is young at heart.

Closeup was the first gel toothpaste to be launched in a paste dominated market. Ever since its launch Closeup has open up new role on toothpastes. With a huge youth population that was bored stiff with the usual white paste – Closeup created a buzz with its funky advertising and innovative product formulation.

In 2005, Closeup was re launched with a bang, packed with the power of Vitamin Fluoride System – a powerful mixture with 25% mouthwash, the perfect combination of ingredients for fresher breath. Closeup is now the first Gel toothpaste with Fluoride in Pakistan.

Everything Closeup does is young. Closeup experience makes you feel and look good giving you the confidence to live up close to the world.

New Closeup campaigns interesting and exciting for our young generation with its different flavored Portfolio. Target group of Closeup are people part of changing and challenging world having fresh breath of confidence.

In 2012 entire portfolio of Closeup was relaunched emphasizing more on functional benefits. Closeup Icy White gives extra white smile and all other core variants gives 3X more fresh breath with Active Zinc Mouthwash, Freshest breath for up to 12 hours, Fights Germs up to 99% and White Teeth.

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