Dove’s mission is to make women feel beautiful every day by widening the definition of beauty and inspiring them to take greater care of themselves.

The Dove Mission

Over the last few years, Dove has focused on delivering products that inspire women to enjoy their own beauty individuality. The global Campaign for Real Beauty, demonstrates our commitment to the brand's mission 'to make more women feel beautiful every day, by widening today's view of beauty and by inspiring women to take great care of them.

Campaign for real beauty

At Dove we want to free ourselves and coming generation from beauty stereotypes. This message is at the heart of our Campaign for Real Beauty and it's why globally we continue to create thought-provoking ads, confidence-building programs and messages that embrace all definitions of beauty.

How it all started

Unilever acquired a French patent for a radically new product; a personal cleansing bar that was not soap. Rather, this new bar

  • Contained a pH-neutral cleanser and a moisturizing component. Dove Bar was born and launched in the US in 1957.
  • It promised women that it wouldn’t dry their face the way that soap did. Women tried it. And it didn’t. Thus began a very trusting relationship between Dove and its users.
  • In 1995, Dove took its first significant step outside of the cleansing bar category in the US with the launch of Moisturizing Body Wash

Other categories soon followed:

  1. Deodorants: 1997 (Europe)
  2. Body Lotion: 1999 (Europe)
  3. Facial Foam: 1999 (Japan)
  4. Hair: 2000 (Taiwan)
  • With a simple, relevant promise, maintained as the premium product and a magically delightful product experience; Dove Today is in 80 countries making Women beautiful everyday

New Dove Hair Therapy System

Dove Hair Therapy science breakthrough. The first range scientifically proven to repair the internal structure of the hair fibre. With patented Fiber Active Technology.

A full range of superior damage care solutions allowing women to experience the full beauty potential of their hair

  • New formulation with state of the art patented technology.
  • New fragrance.
  • New breakthrough post-wash formats.
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