Fair & Lovely, the world’s first skin lightening brand, is trusted by women all across the world over to deliver results.

Fair & Lovely advanced multivitamin

Building on its heritage of being the world’s first skin lightening brand, Fair & Lovely now brings expert fairness to the Pakistani consumer. The New Fair & Lovely Advanced Multivitamin offers consumers benefits akin to 5 expert fairness treatments

Fairness for all

Based on its breakthrough formulation, the new Fair & Lovely marks like a laser treatment, sun tan like a face polish treatment, dullness like a face peel treatment, dark circles like an antioxidant treatment and lightens skin colour like a vitamin mask giving you flawless treatment like fairness, everyday.

Fair & Lovely winter fairness

For those who feel that moisturizing in winter makes skin oily and creates a barrier to beautiful fair skin, this unique formula gives you the fairness of MultiVitamin, while protecting your skin from the sun and leaves it feeling soft, supple and glowing.

Fair & Lovely max fairness for men

Fair & Lovely MAX Fairness for Men is uniquely designed for tough male skin. Its revolutionary VitaMAX Complex and UV Filters work intensively on male skin and help give Men: Max Sun Protection, Max Spot Reduction and Max Fairness, so you can have Max Confidence.

Did you know?

  • Fair & Lovely is a ISO certified safe Unilever product, meeting the highest standards in skin care and safety.
  • Fair & Lovely does not contain bleach. Its patented vitamin formulation continuous usage totally safe for the skin.
  • The fairness from Fair & Lovely is reversible, and continued usage restores the original skin tone.
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