Great flavor is at the heart of Knorr, Unilever’s biggest brand.

Great flavour is at the heart of the Knorr brand. Which is why we go the extra mile to work with some of the best chefs around the world to develop authentic and nutritious meal solutions.

Established as early as 1873, Knorr was created with the purpose of providing high quality dried soups. Carl Heinrich Knorr, born in 1800, created the company from knowledge acquired during his time as a wholesaler of agricultural goods. He died 2 years after the company was founded but his legacy lives on as Knorr is known today for chef men ship and great tasting food.

Knorr came to Pakistan in 1992 with the launch of Knorr Chicken Cubes. In the passing years Knorr introduced multiple Savoury and Meal Maker categories.

We at Knorr believe that cooking delicious and nutritious food should be in every woman’s’ reach. It is this love and passion for flavor, that drives us to go the extra mile to ensure each dish you create, delivers great taste.

  • Chicken Cubes
  • Pulao Cubes
  • Chilli Garlic 800gm
  • Chilli Garlic 285gm
  • Ketchup 800gm
  • Ketchup 285gm
  • Soupy Noodles Chicken Delite
  • Soupy Noodles Mast Masala
  • Noodles Chicken
  • Noodles Chatpatta
  • Noodles Sizzler
  • Noodles Jalepeno
  • Noodles Lemon Chilli
  • Noodles Chin Chow
  • Noodles Hot & Spicy
  • Chicken Corn Soup
  • Hot & Sour Soup
  • Chicken Ginger Soup
  • Cream of Chicken Soup
  • Cream of Tomato Soup
  • Chicken Mushroom Soup
  • Chicken Yakhni

Knorr Noodle Gang

Knorr launched Instant Noodles range in Pakistan in 1993. Knorr Noodles have become the brand of choice for kids over the years. Exciting new flavours, developed to suit the local taste palette, have been a major source of gain, which has continued to make food “No More Boring” for the kids.

Staying true to its fun proposition, Knorr took a step forward and introduced a locally produced cartoon series by the name of ‘Knorr Quest for the Noodle Pot’ which takes kids into a land of adventure and excitement. Knorr Quest, through its cartoon series, encourages the spirit of adventure, imagination and out of the box education.

After the resounding success of ‘Quest for the Noodle Pot’, the next series called “Knorr Noodle Gang kay Adventures” was launched in 2012. The dramatic story telling, compelling characters with celebrity voiceovers and exciting animations in each of the episodes make Knorr Noodles a distinctively fun brand for children.

The magic of Knorr Noodles tells its success story when its aroma floats from every kitchen onto our dining tables putting smiles on every face. Chatpatta and Chicken flavors are a favorite throughout Pakistan. Over the years, Knorr has added more superb and mouthwatering variants like Chicken Jalepeno, Lemon Chilli, and Chicken Sizzler to its Instant Noodles family.

In 2011, Knorr launched Soupy Noodles, combining the fun of noodles with the health of soup in 2 exciting variants, Chicken Delite and Mast Masala. These have resonated very well among children and mothers. In 2012, the brand launched a smaller noodle pack at a lower price point to reach out to more consumers.

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