Our story began over 120 years ago with the vision of one incredible man- our founder, Sir Thomas Lipton. In an age when tea was a rare and expensive luxury, Sir Thomas decided to challenge convention. Because he believed anyone, of any class, should be able to enjoy tea at its best.

Lipton was launched in Pakistan in 1948 and today 100 billion drinks of Lipton are consumed each year making Lipton a household name. Our vast experience in the world of tea blending in Pakistan and around the world means only two things; quality and great taste.

Lipton believes that in this world of indifference pausing and taking time out to engage with others feels good and in doing so, it helps us feel good and bring out the best in ourselves. Refresh, reset, rethink and re-engage with others. BE MORE TEA.

Lipton’s revitalizing taste is available in Yellow Label leaf tea, Mega Daane, Black Teabags and Green Teabags (Lemon, Mint, Jasmine, Plain).

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