LUX gives you the million dollar feeling!

Lux is a beauty soap which has silk protein extract that delivers soft and smooth skin. With natural ingredients like peaches, cream and silk protein extract, Lux is a soap that delivers for the most superior soft skin and beautiful fragrance.

Lux as a brand always associated with Beauty, Style, Fashion and Glamour and has sponsored significant events in fashion history by introducing designers like Amir Adnan, Sana Safinaz, Shumail, and Maheen Khan. Lux has also endorsed fashion and Style by sponsoring shows like Lux Style ki Duniya and Lux Carnivale de Couture. But the biggest contribution to promoting the arts by Lux, has been the formation of the only credible platform of awards from which achievements in fashion, film, TV and music in Pakistan are all recognized, the “Lux Style Awards”.

Lux is available in 5 variants now; Peach & Cream, Strawberry & Cream, Purple Lotus & Cream, Fresh Splash and Nature pure.

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