Pepsodent knows that twice a day brushing is critical to staying healthy and free of oral diseases and germs that cause them.

Pepsodent was launch in Pakistan in December 2011 with the aim of improving the Oral hygiene in Pakistan. Dentist recommend at least twice a day brushing but the habit in Pakistan is less than once. Pepsodent has taken up the task of providing the best oral protection that helps preven germs that causes cavity and other dental problems. Not only this, Pepsodent also invests in educating the families in small towns the importance of brushing for them and their children.

Only Pepsodent makes oral care an engaging experience in the relentless pursuit of the healthiest mouths – via products, practices and educates awareness on the same.

Pepsodent Germicheck

The aim for Pepsodent Germicheck is to kill germs that are the main cause of oral care diseases. That is why Pepsodent Germicheck has the TCN formulation which makes it a better germ fighter than any other toothpaste in Pakistan.

In addition to superior germ fighting, Pepsodent also makes brushing a fun experience for kids and invest in building good brushing habits among them.

Pepsodent Germicheck kills 95% germs in just 2 minutes of brushing and protects the mouth for up to 12 hours.

Pepsodent Herbal

It has the combined power of Lime, Salt and betel leaf that keeps teeth strong, gums healthy and mouth feeling fresh.

Pepsodent Sensitive

Sensitive teeth are caused by weakening and receding. Pepsodent Sensitive is specially designed for those who have sensitive teeth and gums that restrict them. It helps relieve pain in sensitive teeth and gums

Pepsodent Complete 8

It has the advanced complete care formula that has 8 benefits:
  1. Cavity protection
  2. Strengthens enamel
  3. Whitening
  4. Fresh breadth
  5. Reinforces gums
  6. 18-hour anti plaque effect
  7. Anti tartar
  8. Anti bacteria
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