You only have to take a bite from one of the frozen desserts in the much-loved Wall’s kids' range to experience its true magic. But with so many yummy choices, the only problem is figuring out where to begin!

Paddle Pop: from Australia to Asia

The Paddle Pop brand was born in Australia in 1953 and has since travelled the world, bringing delicious frozen desserts and fun to kids everywhere! It is now sold in markets across Asia, Australasia and Africa where it is the #1 kids’ frozen desserts brand. Paddle Pop a relatively new launch in Pakistan, introduced in 2006, has now become the no. 1 kids’ frozen desserts brand.

Did you know?

  • More than half a billion Paddle Pop products are consumed by kids every year! 
  • Moo contains calcium equal to one glass of milk!

Paddle Pop: our beloved mascot

Paddle Pop Lion; the iconic, fun-loving and active lion has been linked with the brand almost since its inception. Paddle Pop Lion lives in a adventerous world and where ice lollies are the ultimate source of happiness. In this world, the ice lollies have many mysterious and magical powers aside from being absolutely delicious. The Paddle Pop brand opens up limitless possibilities taking kids on thrilling and exciting adventures every year and discovering new products along the way.

In 2009, Paddle Pop Lion took kids to the World of ‘Pyrata’, an adventure based on the theme of Pirates of the Caribbean. This was accompanied by the launch of 2 new SKUs; Pirates and Zapper.

In 2010 Paddle Pop continued the theme of adventure through the theme of ‘Kombetei’ and introduced two new Paddle Pop weapons; Rainbow Swirl and Cola Strawberry. Then came “Elemagika”, in which Paddle Pop and his friends came face to face with the elements of nature, that were in control of the shadow master, Paddle Pop’s arch enemy.

As always two more Paddle Pop weapons were introduced; Fruity Fire and a new strawberry and grape Zapper variant. The latest in the series was “Begins” which was released in early 2012, this was accompanied by the launch of Jungle Zapper and Jeli Crystal.

For future innovations and activations Paddle Pop promises to continue being the most exciting companion for kids.

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