Unilever partners with Naya Jeevan to bring quality healthcare to the Sales Force in Pakistan

Unilever Pakistan partnered with Naya Jeevan to extend quality healthcare access to its sales force and their families through the ‘Shadbad’ program.

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In Pakistan, healthcare access remains a challenge for a large part of the population due to limited government run hospitals and expensive private care. This is further augmented by the absence of support services such as medical coverage that can enable health care access to a large part of the employed population.

The health coverage plan under Shadbad covers hospitalization and OPD services and is the first of its kind for the industry in Pakistan, ensuring that quality medical help becomes a reality for Unilever’s field sales teams. This healthcare access covers not only the sales team member but also his or her spouse and children.

In addition, Out-Patient facilities have also been extended to cover parents, a feature that is not provided by any other health plan in the country. Another first includes special training being conducted by Naya Jeevan in individual cities to introduce sales team members to the use of the health card and associated medical facilities.

The Shadbad program offers up to KR 600 (approx. USD 6) as reimbursement for monthly OPD services. In addition, hospitalization of the sales team member and immediate family is covered up to PKR 150,000 (approx. USD 150) along with a daily allowance for hospital rooms up to PKR 1,300 (approx. USD 13). The Shadbad program also covers maternity costs, daycare procedures and offers a generous life insurance plan in case of accidental disability and accidental or natural death.

Shadbad has been successfully deployed across Unilever’s entire sales force across Pakistan and is living up to its ambition of providing accessible healthcare facilities to sales staff everywhere. Unilever Pakistan has invested over PKR 21 million (approx. USD 200,000) to cover 3,266 individuals across all major cities through the country. The plan has garnered a highly enthusiastic response from the sales field force, which now derives a sense of relief from the extensive coverage of the program that lays out a quality healthcare framework for the staff and their familes.

The program has seen an immediate uptake by sales personnel across Pakistan, with a number of them having utilised the maternity care coverage their children are delivered in the safety of a good hospital and their wives receive the necessary medical attention.

The Shadbad program will continue to grow from strength as both Unilever Pakistan and Naya Jeevan continue to invest and expand the program to address the needs of Unilever’s sales teams across Pakistan.

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