Launch of Pakistan’s Top 100 Miracle Workers

Pakistan’s Top 100 Miracle Workers was launched in Karachi on Wednesday to celebrate 100 accomplished women across Pakistan.

Karachi: Pakistan’s Top 100 Miracle Workers was launched in Karachi on Wednesday to celebrate 100 accomplished women across Pakistan. The core idea behind the movement, sponsored by global beauty brand Pond’s, was to consistently highlight accomplished Pakistani women who juggle with the demands of their professional careers, maintain a home and bring up children with grace and style day in and day out.

The launch event, held at elegant Café Flo, unveiled the Top 10 Miracle Mentors, who were voted for via email and in a poll led by SUNDAY magazine. A Miracle Mentor is defined as one who has successfully juggled the twin challenges of motherhood and vocation, while looking polished and chic.

The Miracle Mentors who were present at Café Flo spoke of how pleased they were to be a part of this new endeavor to showcase the women of Pakistan. Among the attendees were Atiqa Odho, Rukaiya Adamjee, Vaneeza Ahmed, Shamaeel Ansari, Saeeda Mandviwalla, Tasneem Nakhoda, Anila Weldon, Chef Shai, distinguished guests, entrepreneurs, bloggers, key media and sponsors.

Speaking of the event, Miracle Mentor Atiqa Odho said: “I am delighted to learn that such forums are being activated to support women's contribution and efforts in our society. I shall definitely help where ever I can as you know that I have a special place in my heart for brave, capable & empowered women who help carry Pakistan ahead in difficult times.”

The Pond’s Miracle Journey is the brain child of GolinHarris, a new global communications Company in Pakistan, headed by Fareshteh Aslam known for her work previously in the LUX Style Awards and the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. “I am delighted to see this idea being launched today. It’s taken some time to come together and seeks to celebrate the miracle that is the Pakistani woman today. The Pond’s Miracle Journey is a platform to celebrate women across Pakistan.”

The occasion, hosted by Sidra Iqbal, unveiled the Pond’s Miracle Journey to national media. Each of the 10 Miracle Mentors will select and present their Top 10 Miracle Workers twice a month starting April, till by end Aug there will be a body of women who will be Pakistan’s Top 100 Miracle Workers. The parameters for selection, clearly defined at the outset would be the accomplished all rounder: career woman, involved mum, perfect wife/daughter.

While speaking to the audience, Humayun Farooq, Marketing Manager - Skin Care said, “We feel now is the time for accomplished Women of Pakistan to be recognized, so that the next generation of women are inspired to make the most of their lives. For Pond’s beauty is felt as much as it is seen. We believe in bringing the best to women at every age. At Pond’s we want to capture a woman’s ‘sparkle’ for life and celebrate her for the true Miracle Worker she is. We hope to make this as an Annual Movement.”

The elegant and buzzing launch to the campaign was organized and managed by Frieha Altaf and Catwalk Productions who will be entrusted with the responsibility of producing the grand finale, scheduled to be held after the Top 100 Miracle Workers list is finalized in August. “Pond’s wants to empower women who juggle work, home and their social life and still manage to look younger and beautiful. At the end of this campaign we will celebrate the husn, hunar and haya of these 100 Miracle Women at a gala finale.”

Watch out for announcements to who’s made it to the list of Miracle Workers twice a month from April.

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