Keep up to date with our announcements using our RSS news feed. With this service you can incorporate our information into your preferred newsreaders.

RSS service

To add the RSS service to your reader, copy the following URL or drag the RSS icon into your Reader:

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RSS keeps you up-to-date with the press releases, news and investor information from Unilever. RSS eliminates the need to continually visit a website for updates. Using RSS, new web content is delivered directly to you the moment it is published. You can also receive Podcasts, images and video content through RSS.

Using RSS

To use RSS you will need a News Reader, also called an 'aggregator'. This will allow you to subscribe to the RSS feed from your chosen websites. Your RSS feeds will flow directly into your News Reader, making the information you need available in one central and convenient location. When reading your RSS feeds, you always have the option of clicking through to the original website. If you do not have an RSS Reader you will need to download one.

Subscribing to RSS feeds

Inside your reader you will see a button that says 'subscribe,' 'add feed' or something similar. There will be a box for you to input a URL. Many News Readers will allow you to simply enter the main URL of the website. However, certain News Readers will ask for the URL of the website's RSS feed.

To find the RSS feed's URL simply look for the RSS button on the website's homepage (usually an orange button) and click on it, then copy and paste the URL into your News Reader. Once you have entered the URL into your News Reader you are subscribed to that website's RSS feed and you will begin to receive updates immediately.

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