Our capabilities

We have a broad range of scientific capabilities that enable us to serve consumer demand for healthy and great tasting food. We work in multidisciplinary teams to meet consumer demand for healthy and great tasting food.

Understanding consumer perception & behaviour

Smell, flavour, look and feel are all about consumer perception and, therefore, we use behavioural and sensory research techniques to guide the design and development of new products and to understand how our products can improve people’s quality of life. Our brand-new Consumer Centre provides us with every possible facility for detailed research into consumer behaviour and experiences.

Enhancing the nutritional benefits of our products

We continuously strive to enhance the nutritional benefits of our products. We work on this together with our brand teams and in line with the Unilever nutrition policy. We achieve this by reducing levels of saturated fat, trans fat, sugar and salt and by adding beneficial ingredients to suitable product carriers. We support the claimed benefits of our products with underpinning science and credible and motivating communication.

Creating great tasting food

Today’s consumer wants it all; taste and health. This poses many technological challenges to our flavour technology and product structuring experts to create new taste and smell sensations and an optimal product texture that is liked by our consumers.

Developing foods you can trust

All our products meet the highest standards for product quality and safety. The increasing consumer demand for stable products with ‘fresh quality’ is a challenge. Our nutrition and health experts, our microbiological experts and our supply chain experts to introduce mild processing techniques for our products that preserve the fresh quality of the ingredients used.

Computer & measurement science support our innovation

Food research is a highly technological endeavour, where our expertise in computer science enables us to automate, streamline, organise and support highly efficient information exchange. Measurement science is essential in this respect to come up with the facts on the quality retention of our products during the various processing steps and during storage.

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