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Improve people’s health, confidence & well-being

We believe a more inclusive society will be a healthier one.

H for Handwashing

Washing your hands with soap may sound simple but it has been proven to significantly reduce the transmission of disease. Yet Pakistanis, on average, wash their hands with soap just once a day. Poor hand hygiene drives up the incidence of bacterial illnesses and may prove to be fatal. Millions of children in Pakistan have lost their lives to easily preventable diseases such as diarrhea and flu.

Lifebuoy is committed to improving hand hygiene in Pakistan and does so with multiple initiatives. Since 2010, Lifebuoy has been extending the message of health and hygiene in Pakistan through its Handwashing awareness program. The program aims to inform mothers and children about the importance of proper hygiene behaviors and boasts a vast urban and rural footprint.

Every year on Global Handwashing Day (GHD), Lifebuoy Pakistan partners with like-minded organizations to further propel the “H for Handwashing” movement. Our commitment is not limited to a single day; we aim to promote handwashing to over 1 million children in partnership with The Citizens Foundation (TCF) and WaterAid in 2023.

+1 Millionpeople reached

Children at The Citizen Foundation celebrating the World Handwash Day with Lifebuoy.

Our Covid Response – Haathon ki Hifazat, Pakistan ki Hifazat

Lifebuoy became the first brand in Pakistan to launch Public Service Announcements for COVID in 2020. The brand’s response centered around awareness announcements on TV & Digital advocating for the use of any soap. These announcements were aired on multiple mediums including morning shows and Ramadan transmissions and reached millions of viewers.

In order to maximize the impact of its PSA, Lifebuoy collaborated with pakistani celebrities and influencers who spread the message to their fans. Additionally, Lifebuoy established more than 190 handwash stations across the country in collaboration with the government, petrol stations, schools, and other partners to further maximize impact.

Image of lifebuoys handwash  sanitizer  and soap with the message to wash hands to protect yourself from coronavirus. qBI4kf

Lifebuoy’s Covid Response

  • 25millionpeople reached on TV
  • 5.7millionpeople reached on print media
  • 21.7millionpeople reached on digital media
  • 194+handwash stations deployed in 20 cities

Free tele-consultations for a healthier Pakistan

For more than a century, Lifebuoy has been on a mission of saving lives. While the heart of our brand has always been a lifesaving product, we have also developed an eco-system of product and service. This has set the gold standard for hygiene in Pakistan. In service to this vision, Lifebuoy partnered with Sehat Kahani to launch a telehealth service across Pakistan.

With our toll-free helpline number printed on the pack, we were able to distribute 45 million telehealth packs nationwide and reach 28 million Pakistanis every month through our awareness campaign. In 2022 alone, we have been able to facilitate over 20,000 consultations for issues ranging from pain management to diarrhea etc.

Image of a doctor holding up his phone with Sehat Kahani app and a girl holding lifebuoy soap

Providing relief to flood affectees

In the summer of 2022, many areas in Pakistan witnessed catastrophic floods. Around 33 million people were affected by the heavy rains and floods. An estimated 7.9 million people suffered displacement and of these, 598,000 are living in relief camps.

Our telehealth helpline witnessed a 30 percent increase in calls during mid-June and July. As we ramped up our telehealth service to address the influx of incoming calls, Lifebuoy also stepped up to play its part during this unprecedented crisis.

Lifebuoy donated 0.4 million soaps to flood-affected victims across the country. We understand that immediate relief and donations can only go so far; the flood-affected areas and survivors would need long-term support to navigate the destruction caused by the floods.

Consequently, Lifebuoy initiated a mobile health clinic with our partner Sehat Kahani. Through this mobile clinic, we aim to reach 0.5 million victims and cover 15 districts across the east and west bank of the River Indus. ​Our clinic is fully equipped with doctors and medical equipment and is part of a 3-month holistic initiative.

Young girls in Thatta Sindh pose for a photo
A group of 5 diverse people posing for a photo with Pakistan and Unilever s flag and the text saying Unilever for Pakistan BRiW8T

Confidence and Wellbeing

We believe a more inclusive society will be a healthier one.

Uplifting the young women in Rahim Yar Khan

In Rahim Yar Khan, Unilever Pakistan and Circle Pakistan provided digital skills training to 50 young women. To build upon our initial efforts, we established a technology hub within the Unilever School in Rahim Yar Khan. This hub is a space for for young women to learn basic digital skills, digital marketing, design, business skills and promote financial inclusion.

400 Unilever Pakistan will train 400 women in 2023

young womens in Rahim Yar Khan

Khudmukhtar Project

Khudmukhtar is a project led by the Customer Development team at Unilever Pakistan. It aims to empower women to be independent by offering them motorcycle training and related income opportunities. The goal is to promote awareness about the importance of women learning how to ride safely, thus broadening their horizons for all aspects of their lives.

Bridging the gender gap

The presence of cultural taboos and societal pressures in Pakistan holds many women back from pursuing educational opportunities. It also limits their access to higher education. Despite almost 50 percent of the population being female, the literacy rate for women is abysmal.

Based on the initiative taken by Glow & Lovely (GAL) India, GAL Foundation is a scholarship program that allows women across Pakistan to compete for a chance to attend university on merit.

48,240Female registrations Since 2019

Please visit Glow & Lovely Careers for more information.

Beti Parhao, Usse Mazboot Banao

Every second girl-child in Pakistan is out of school. This devastating fact compelled to Lifebuoy to take action; in 2019, Lifebuoy Shampoopartnered with TCF to facilitate education for 10,000 girls across Pakistan. People across the country can aid Lifebuoy Shampoo and TCF’s efforts to increase awareness by sharing this message through Lifebuoy Shampoo’s Film “Beti Parhao Usse Mazboot Banao” on social media.

1000scholarships handed out to deserving girls in 2018​

10.000girls educated in partnership with TCF (2019)

Khushiyon ka Sadqa​

In 2022, Surf Excel initiated the idea of #KhushiyonKaSadqa. The thought behind the initiative is to tell people about how sadqa is not limited to monetary help. It can also be a simple gesture such as sharing your meal, helping someone in need without expecting anything in return, or smiling at a stranger. Moving forward with this message,Surf Excel, together with various teams, visited the Indus Hospital and dedicated a month to spending time with children who are fighting cancer.The goal was to bring happiness to these children and brighten the day of these children.

Prominent celebrities and influencers also pitched in and visited the children.

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