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Unilever Pakistan Celebrates the Anthem in Voices of Our People


Snap shots from the Anthem Film

In a first, Unilever Pakistan released a video commemorating Pakistan’s 74th Anniversary featuring its own people singing the national anthem. Heartwarming and sincere, it celebrates the spirit of diversity and inclusion as the everyday heroes of Unilever Pakistan, our Receptionist, Tea Boys, Brand Ambassadors and Support staff take center stage as they go about their day expressing their love for the country.

The video is an ode to the country which has given us our unique identity and innumerable opportunities to be a force for good. It depicts our mission of #UnileverForPakistan as we see the many lives impacted by Unilever Pakistan and the livelihoods enhanced through our efforts, whether it is our Brand Ambassadors, our factory workers, distributions and trike peddlers. The video shows how beautifully all the parts fit together to make a sum total and how respect, dignity and pride in our work reflects in all our actions always.

We hope it inspires people to take pride in our country, our anthem and our resources and work on bettering livelihoods and acting sustainably every day.

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