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Unilever for pakistan

Unilever Pakistan pledges Rs 200 Million towards coronavirus relief efforts

Friday, 27 March 2020: Unilever Pakistan has pledged Rs 200 Million towards coronavirus relief efforts in the country. The commitment includes wide-ranging measures to reduce the impact of the pandemic, which threatens the health of the citizens and economic wellbeing of the country.

As part of this pledge, the company will contribute Rs 100 million worth of hygiene and sanitation products, which includes, 2 million bars of Lifebuoy soap as well as Domex’s range of sanitation products to hospitals, Government and civil society bodies working towards the prevention and control of the pandemic.

Unilever Pakistan will provide Rs 45 million in monetary donations to government bodies and healthcare facilities. This money will be used to upgrade healthcare facilities required to manage the outbreak, as well as for the procurement of testing kits and protective personnel equipment which is a critical necessity during this time.

Unilever Pakistan will give Rs 40 million in monetary donations for the distribution of rations and essential products to the people most in need.

The Company will invest Rs 15 million for a public awareness campaign to be organized across the country. Through tv, digital and print messaging, the company will share WHO advised protocols to educate people about the means of prevention of Coronavirus. Part of this money will be used for the setting up of handwash stations in public spaces across Pakistan.

Amir Paracha, Chairman and CEO, Unilever Pakistan said, “This is the time for businesses to foster a close alliance with the government and civil society as we come together for the benefit of our nation. It will take an effort by each Pakistani to prioritize the wellbeing of society for us to defeat the Coronavirus. Unilever has been part of Pakistan’s journey since 1948 and in the face of this crisis, we are committed to help protect the lives of people in the country.”

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