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Unilever Partners with Akhuwat & NOWPDP to Launch Uplift Program


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Unilever partners with Akhuwat and NOWPDP to drive inclusion in the workplace

Thursday, May 12, 2022: Unilever Pakistan has partnered with Akhuwat and NOWPDP to develop an inclusive and sustainable recruitment process to ensure equitable employment opportunities across the business in Pakistan.

The launch of the program follows a long-standing commitment by Unilever Pakistan to drive inclusion in the workplace. With a dedicated Diversity & Inclusion team, the organization has carried out several successful initiatives to achieve an inclusive culture across its ecosystem with the use of tools for fair recruitment, and specific goals for inclusion.

The current initiative also aims to enable specially-abled persons and transgender persons with the professional tools necessary to succeed in corporate careers. As part of this ambition, Unilever Pakistan is launching a one-year contract Trainee program, which is designed to upskill participants and prepare them for entry into their preferred career roles.

Amir Paracha, Chairman & CEO, Unilever Pakistan highlighted, “Diversity and inclusion are among the greatest catalysts for social and economic change globally, and having a balanced workforce should be a requirement, not an aspiration. We aim to enable equitable opportunities for employment across our value chain and this partnership is yet another milestone for increasing livelihoods for all segments of society.”

Omair Ahmad, CEO NOWPDP also added that, “With grit, we have solicited staunch supporters from the grassroots up and have laid the foundation on which we are able to stand strong. Working towards our mandate of economic empowerment of persons with disabilities, we look forward to creating a more Bashamool Pakistan through our partnership with Unilever.”

NOWPDP works to promote an inclusive society through holistic and sustainable endeavors in the areas of education and economic empowerment for persons with disabilities. Akhuwat, through its Khwajasira Support Program, carries out economic and social interventions to support the transgender community through direct financial assistance, health services, psychological support, and participation in this training.

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