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Unilever Pakistan and TeeSquare empower Thatta through education collaboration


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Amir Paracha CEO Unilever pakistan signing an MOU with TeeSquare for the education program in Thatta

In the wake of devastating floods that left Thatta in dire need of rebuilding, Unilever Pakistan and TeeSquare joined forces to embark on a transformative journey. Focused on empowering communities through education, this collaborative effort goes beyond infrastructure, aiming to uplift lives and create lasting change in the Model Village.

Determined to restore normalcy and empower the residents of Thatta, Unilever Pakistan took a multifaceted approach. From constructing flood-resistant homes and implementing water filtration systems to ensuring safe sanitation practices and establishing vital healthcare and vocational centers, the initiative aimed at laying the foundation for a resilient and thriving community.

However, at the heart of this comprehensive effort lies a partnership with TeeSquare that recognizes the pivotal role education plays in community rejuvenation. Together, Unilever Pakistan and TeeSquare introduced an innovative digital curriculum tailored to the unique needs of Thatta's residents. This collaborative learning initiative not only fosters educational growth but also strengthens the bonds between mothers and children, contributing significantly to the holistic rehabilitation of the community post-floods.

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