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Unilever and Karachi Press Club collaborate for Climate Journalism capacity-building


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Karachi, Pakistan - March 29, 2024 – Unilever Pakistan and Karachi Press Club held an interactive session to address the development needs for climate journalism in Pakistan. The event was attended by prominent journalists, aimed to delve into the nuances of climate change reporting and its critical importance in shaping public awareness and policy discourse.

The session commenced with an overview of Unilever's sustainability initiatives, which not only aim to transform the livelihoods of those associated with the organization but also aspire to create a broader impact on society. Discussions revolved around the imperative to distinguish between climate change and its impacts, as well as the degradation of the environment.

Afia Salam, Media Development Specialist & Climate Change expert, emphasized the significance of bridging the private and public sectors to find mutually beneficial solutions. She remarked, "Bringing private and public sectors to a middle ground is essential to provide reporters and journalists with access to accurate and authentic field information and resources, crucial for effective climate change journalism."

Shoaib Ahmed, Secretary, Karachi Press Club, highlighted the strategic necessity of facilitating such conversations and elevating them to the forefront for actionable solutions. He stated, "It is a strategic imperative to facilitate these conversations and bring them into the limelight for impactful and actionable solutions." Additionally, he extended the Karachi Press Club's platform to organize future events of this nature.

Fatima Arshad, Head of Sustainability, Unilever Pakistan, underscored the ongoing nature of climate change and the necessity for sustained efforts. She said that climate change is not a one-off event and needs an end-to-end disaster management strategy in the future so we can ensure there is resilience and preparedness. “It is an ongoing process that affects every aspect of life from food security to the natural ecosystem."

Unilever Pakistan and the Karachi Press Club reaffirmed their commitment to facilitating crucial sessions aimed at developing climate action solutions and engaging industry leaders for a greater impact.

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