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Unilever Hosts Collaborative Forum to Enhance Road-Safety with Logistics Partners


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Group Picture with Logistics partners.

Unilever Pakistan successfully hosted a logistics workshop at its Head Office in Karachi today. The event brought together stakeholders from various organizations, uniting logistics and transportation leaders under the banner of Unilever’s Road Safety Vision: "All in For Safety on the Roads."

Central to Unilever's vision is the aspiration to become a “Zero Injury Company.” Throughout the event, participants delved into key components of this vision, emphasizing safe driving practices, driver behavior and fitness, and robust route risk management strategies. By prioritizing these elements, Unilever aims to foster a culture of safety excellence that permeates its operations.

Attendees gained insights into Unilever's logistics best practices, including minimum mandatory requirements such as the LTO License to Operate (Driver’s License) and rigorous adherence to safety SOPs. Through discussions and shared knowledge, participants explored training and development initiatives, driver and vehicle fitness protocols, and effective risk mitigation strategies.

The collaborative syndicate sessions provided a platform for teams to address current challenges and share best practices in risk mitigation. Analyzing past incident reports, attendees identified root causes, direct causes, and areas for improvement, laying the groundwork for actionable steps towards safer operations.

Reflecting on the event, (Abdul Hannan Head of Supply Chain – Pakistan at Unilever, emphasized the company's unwavering commitment to road safety. "We are proud to spearhead this collaborative effort to enhance road safety with our logistics partners. By uniting industry leaders and sharing best practices, we are taking significant strides toward ensuring safety on the roads for all. A genuine safety culture depends on collective efforts to establish a safer working environment. It's about fostering an environment where all individuals recognize that safeguarding their well-being is in our collective best interest.”

Abdul Hanan head of Supply chain

Muhammad Taha, Head of Corporate SHE, Umar Nawazish Ali, Country Logistics Head and Faizah Yasir Jalbani, Manager Safe Travel, at Unilever, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the workshop's significance in advancing Unilever's Road Safety Vision.

Industry expert Mr. Makhdoom Faisal Bhatti – CSCP, Head of Supply Chain at BASF, shared his company's best practices with the audience, emphasizing the importance of aligning organizational goals with road safety. Additionally, Mr. DB Ali Suhag – Head of Sindh Police Accident Research & Analysis Center, provided detailed discussions on the consequences of road safety accidents, emphasizing the CARE element and focusing on helmet usage and road safety behavior.

The successful conclusion of this workshop underscores Unilever's dedication to prioritizing road safety and fostering collaborative partnerships to create safer logistics environment within its operations.

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