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Unilever Pakistan highlights the responsibility of businesses towards the environment

Shamshad Akhtar, Memosh Khawaja, Amir Paracha, Farrukh Rehman

Unilever Pakistan in collaboration with Overseas Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OICCI) and Pakistan International Corporate Governance (PICG) organized an awareness session titled, ‘Enabling Environmental Protection – Role of Business’. The session focused on the E of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), and controlling plastic pollution in Pakistan as this year’s theme of World Environment Day.

Eminent personalities such as Chairperson Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and PICG - Shamshad Akhtar, President OICCI & CEO Unilever Pakistan - Amir Paracha, Secretary General OICCI – M. Abdul Aleem, Partner A.F. Ferguson & Co. - Farrukh Rehman, CEO & President PICG – Memosh Khawaja, Managing Director BASF Pakistan – Andrew Bailey and other officials from various institutions attended the session.

Chairperson PSX and PICG Shamshad Akhtar discussed the effects of climate pollution in the country and urged organizations to adopt responsible strategies in their businesses. President OICCI & CEO Unilever Pakistan Amir Paracha emphasized the role of environmental aspects in the scope of ESG practices, citing a World Bank report on the economic losses caused by climate change. He highlighted the need for increased awareness and implementation of ESG principles to make businesses environmentally friendly.

Partner at A.F. Ferguson & Co. Farrukh Rahman, shared insights on the topic of ESG Landscape and Management. CEO and President of PICG Memosh Khawaja, conducted an awareness workshop on Climate Action, while the session was concluded with closing remarks by the Managing Director BASF Pakistan Andrew Bailey.

The session aimed to create awareness about plastic pollution control, promote responsible business practices, and highlight the importance of ESG principles and climate action in Pakistan.

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