Innovation in Unilever

Innovation is the engine of Unilever’s growth; the lifeblood of our business. Our future depends on our ability to bring bigger & better innovations to market more quickly than our competitors.

Our R&D leadership

Positive social impact as our business grows

Chief Research & Development Officer, Professor Geneviève Berger, outlines how our R&D teams create unique products with proven benefits for consumers around the world.

Research & development in Unilever

Unilever R&D employees in the lab

Research & development plays a key role in delivering proprietary breakthrough innovations. At Unilever, R&D is treated as an investment aligned closely with our overall business strategy.

The science behind success

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The common thread running through all our R&D activities is a direct connection between science, technology and consumer needs.

Areas of Innovation

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Unilever is recognised as a world leader in R&D, both in terms of innovation (new products and mixes) and renovation (refreshing existing products).

How we work

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We employ more than 6000 R&D professionals in six global research centres, 13 global product development centres and regional development & country implementation centres.

Responsible innovation

Unilever R&D employees in the lab

We believe our products make a real contribution to an individual’s wellbeing and that of their community, while having the least possible adverse effect on the environment at every stage in the product lifecycle.

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