Extra protection when you need it

With Rexona you know your deodorant won't let you down. Our body-responsive technology kicks in when it’s needed most, giving you the confidence to face the day's challenges. Here’s how.

The insight

Alan Jope

Every day there are unexpected stressful moments that can make you sweat more than usual. Most deodorants can’t keep up when the body heats up at these times. Wouldn't it be great to have some extra deo go to work for you at such moments, delivering a dose of freshness and giving you the confidence that comes from knowing you feel your best and look in control?

The challenge

That was the challenge our scientists took up. The key to solving it lay in our understanding of sweat. Our studies show that humans produce two quite different types of sweat. There’s the physical sweat the body makes when it’s hot, and the sweat that breaks out in moments of stress, anxiety or high emotion.

Some facts about emotional sweating:

  • Unlike physical sweating, emotional sweating occurs predominantly on hands and armpits
  • Emotional sweating can produce up to 5 times more sweat than the physical kind
  • Emotional sweat can smell more unpleasant
  • Physical sweat takes 5-10 minutes to occur, emotional sweat can be instantaneous

The technology

Deodorants deal primarily with physical sweat – we set about developing a technology that could cope with emotional sweat also.

In partnership with key suppliers, our scientists developed a new anti-perspirant, Rexona Activreserve, that contains special micro-capsules of odour protection that are activated when your body responds to stressful situations.

The microscopic capsules sit on the skin surface and when pressure or stress cause a sudden, uncontrollable burst of sweat in the underarms, the sweat dissolves the capsules giving you extra odour protection when it’s most needed. So whether you are sweating a lot or a little, there will always be the right amount of protection released.

Putting it to the test

Using human odour assessors trained to sniff body odour, and rate its intensity and character, we showed that Rexona Activreserve reduces odour up to 24 hours after it is applied, even if there are more stressful moments during the day.

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