Lighten your load

Our clever new gel tablets get your laundry brilliantly clean and they're better for the environment. How do we do it?

The best of both worlds

Alan Jope

Today's laundry detergents can contain a variety of active ingredients that go to work on your washing. The main cleaning agents are usually surfactants, which remove fatty and greasy stains. Additionally, biological detergents include enzymes, which are nature's stain removers and work well even in low wash temperatures. Then there's bleach in laundry powders and tablets for removal of coloured stains, like fruits and drinks. Yet other ingredients ensure whitening and the protection of your washing machine, and then there's fragrance to ensure the laundry smells fresh and clean.

Normally, if you want more cleaning power, you'd expect to need more chemicals. But when we set out to develop the next generation of laundry tablets, we wanted to change all that. The result is our new Skip Actigel tablets in France and Persil Gel Tablets in the UK. In tests, they've performed better than other laundry tablets and feedback has been excellent.

Packing a punch

Our new gel tablets can tackle hundreds of the toughest stains without the need to pre-treat. How? To pack so much cleaning power into a handy-sized tablet is no simple task. But we did it by separating, in one tablet, the liquid components, like surfactants, from the solid components, like bleach. The liquid components are built into a unique gel layer that is attached on to the tablet.

By doing this, we broke through the old limitations of having to use ingredients that will combine well together in one format and just concentrated on using the very best ingredients for the job, putting some in the gel layer and some in the solid part of the tablet. So we've now got an improved surfactant mixture in the gel layer, to deliver better cleaning results. And the gel tablets dissolve better, so you don't get the residues you can get with some other tablets.

Caring for your environment

What's more, by separating liquid and solid components, the new gel tablet technology lets us use a full 20% less chemicals and 5% less packaging than other comparable tablets on the market. Yet they still work brilliantly, with no need to pre-treat, even at low wash temperatures.

So you can do more with less. Less hassle, less energy and less impact on the environment. It's a revolution in your laundry.

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