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Modern problems require modern solutions. Life is now constantly on the go and with ever-changing routines, at home haircare has become the new norm. TRESemmé ensures frizz-free professional quality smooth hair at home with a wide range of products, so every woman is ready to take on the day.

Every Tres product is equipped with ingredients necessary for a smooth finish. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth is infused with keratin and light weight argan oil - the key to smooth, manageable and frizz free hair up to 72 hours. The Color Revitalize range contains the goodness of camellia oil with a low sulphate formula. It is perfect to keep colored tresses fresh and vibrant for up to a period of 8 weeks, as it gently cleanses and conditions the hair while retaining its natural oils. TRESemmé protein thickness shampoo and conditioner are the perfect package for a volume boost. The product is filled with collagen which gives 95% more volume and thicker hair after every wash.

The TRES girl believes in being prepared to take every challenge head on, and making her presence felt with salon smooth hair. She is ambitious and can power through her day, as long as her hair is on point. Waking up and starting the day with good hair can set the right mood and turn opportunities into success stories. The lack of time comes in the way of salon visits, but our but the combined benefits of keratin and argan oil give her the professional treatment she needs, at home.

Women dream of having salon like smooth hair at home and the new TRESemmé Salon@home series is the perfect guide to achieving salon like perfection. Celebrities have it easy because they have a walking salon with them all the time, but extra effort, time and money makes it quite impossible for most of the women to achieve salon like smoothness at home. The new series is all about making the impossible possible and enjoying frizz free smooth hair at home, with Omayr Waqar, the hair expert, and the TRESetters taking women through tips and tricks to get the perfect hair. Each episode highlights how different type of women deal with different hair problems, but the ultimate goal is to achieve salon like smooth and frizz free hair. Enriched with keratin and argan oil - TRESemmé keratin smooth does the job.

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