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Isn’t dishwashing one chore that you just wish would become easier? Vim, the no.1 dishwashing brand around the world is now in Pakistan to take away all your dishwashing troubles with its revolutionary one-wipe degreasing formula.

Created in 1885, the Vim hand dishwashing brand is still innovating and using the magic of natural ingredients like Lemon to create unbeatable results over a hundred years later.

Story behind the brand Vim

William Hesketh Lever was determined to revolutionize Victorian England's standards of cleanliness and hygiene: so he created Vim Soap. His revolutionary product was the first one ever created by the company that is now Unilever, and today's hand dishwashing products build on this illustrious heritage.

Created in 1885, the Vim brand is still innovating and using the magic of ingredients bringing unbeatable results for over a hundred years.

Dishes speak up

The brand Vim believes that dishes have rights to remain squeaky clean and smelling great. So when the dishes all over Pakistan decided to go on a strike against grease, Vim stepped in with its revolutionary one-wipe degreasing formula that relies on ingredients including lemon and lime.

Vim range

The Vim dishwashing range includes the dishwashing powder, bars and liquids that have a unique formulation designed to pry away grease in one easy wipe. The natural sense and sensitivity of lemon juice has been the key of Vim’s success. Such breakthrough has made history; and has been so engraved into worldwide population’s mind that the natural ingredient – lemon - is automatically seen as Vim.

  • The Vim brand was created in 1885.
  • Vim was the original hand dishwashing brand: so we invented the whole category!
  • Vim active Gel is a concentrated product that penetrates into the sponge and turns in to a gel upon contact with water keeping it charged longer, thus providing twice the degreasing power.
  • As per the Guinness World Record set in India, a 500 bottle of Vim can wash up to 15,300 plates!
  • The Vim bars range is gentle on the hand due to lower pH levels in the formulation
  • Vim bar with its revolutionary one wipe technology and power of lemon is easy to apply on the sponge and even easier to clean dishes with!
  • Vim is sold in four continents, is the leading hand dishwashing brand in twenty countries, and is available to more than 2 billion people around the world.

Contact Unilever about Vim

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