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Launched in 1995, Wall’s brands across the portfolio are built on the belief that everyone needs small moments of Joy in their lives and treats that makes them smile and lick their lips with delight. Who better to provide this but Wall’s, with its exclusive range of products!

Wall's is part of Unilever's Heartbrand family of ice creams that are sold in more than 40 countries around the world under many different local names, including Algida and Ola. Among its products are ice creams that are lower in fat and sugar, and enriched with fruit and calcium, which have been developed through the brand’s innovative food technologies.

At Wall’s, we like to think we have one of the best jobs in the whole world; making delicious frozen dessert treats for everyone, so we can build a happier and more inclusive world!

Wall’s desserts has a wide offering of delightful and exciting flavors that bring magic to moments. Ranging from Impulse offerings of Cornetto, Jashan Kulfi, Chocbar, Donut, Feast, Paddle pop and Magnum to cultural in-home favorites like King’s Kulfa, Caramel Vanilla, Pista and Mango, we have something for everyone!

We believe in spreading happiness and smiles through every tub, cone and stick we sell. Wall’s elaborate assortment of products allows us to give the best of the best to our consumers and their families, bringing them closer together for a loving and fun filled family bonding experience.

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