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Rafhan is a symbol of trust and quality. From delicious desserts to nutritious, healthy corn-oil – Rafhan offers a range of delectable & healthy food products!

Rafhan, one of the biggest food brands in Unilever Pakistan, offers a wide range of products, from desserts to corn oil and cornflour. The brand emphasised that it is “a symbol of trust and quality for its consumers”.

Rafhan Desserts- Making Magical Birthdays

Rafhan makes the best desserts and helps consumers celebrate all their special moments in a delicious and wholesome manner.

Rafhan Desserts have gained the trust of their consumers due to its superior quality ingredients and cutting edge processes.

The New Look Of Rafhan Desserts - Simply Irresistible!

Rafhan has recently re-launched its desserts in exciting new packaging. Mouth watering food shots and vibrant colors of the packaging attract consumers to the brand. Rafhan products are a treat to the senses, available on store shelves everywhere. This new & improved look was communicated via TV commercial, focused on children making birthdays magical with Rafhan.

Rafhan – The Complete Food Range

Rafhan is present on every kitchen counter providing health, taste and a whole lot of energy from its range of delicious custards, colorful jellies, tasty Ice cream Powder, nutritious Corn Oil, and superior quality Cornflour. With its new packaging, Rafhan has enhanced its premium look and feel.

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