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CLEAR gives you the confidence to flaunt your flawless best. Nothing to Hide, Lots to Show!

Clear spells confidence for the young Pakistanis of today. With its Women and Men range, Clear not only solves your dandruff problems but gives you the confidence to look and feel more attractive.

With Clear, you have nothing to hide, lots to show!

Clear stands for confidence. It accentuates a personality that is distinct, charming and competitive. The Pakistani youth today aspires to be free from inhibitions and to pursue excellence in life. Since 2007, Clear has been making sure that it doesn’t let something like dandruff shatter this confidence.

Clear is a brand of substance & technological superiority that also has style & soul – a character & personality. Our vision for you - our consumer - is to provide a healthy, deeply nourished scalp which has a natural resistance against dandruff and is the foundation for your strong and beautiful hair, so that you feel attractive, confident and ready to boldly engage the world!

Clear has a gender-based dual architecture because it understands that the male scalp has a unique set of requirements and needs specialized care in order to combat dandruff and other scalp related problems. That is why Clear, in addition to its unisex range, has a distinct range of shampoos specifically for men – the first of its kind to be ever brought to Pakistani men.

Our Products

For Her

Our range for women includes:
  • Clear Soft and Shiny
  • Clear Hairfall Defense
  • Clear Clean & Itch Control

Clear has CLEAR TECHplus vitamin booster that nourishes your scalp to give you strong and healthy scalp and dandruff-free* hair 
*no visible flakes with regular use

For Him

Our range for men includes:
  • Clear Cool Black Shine
  • Clear Hairfall Decrease

Clear for Men with CLEAR TECH 2.0 is specifically designed for the male scalp to:

  • Eliminate Dandruff*
  • Cut Grease**
  • Decrease Hairfall***

*Visible flakes, regular use 
**Reduces excessive oil from scalp and hair 
***Due to breakage, comparing to non-conditioning shampoo, regular use

Did You Know?

  • Men have greater sebum secretion in their scalps that leads to dandruff which generic anti dandruff shampoos cannot remove. This is why Clear was the first in Pakistan to launch a male range of shampoos with CLEAR TECH 2.0 that is specifically designed for the male scalp.
  • 52% of Pakistani males suffer from dandruff – a cause of unhealthy hair and lack of confidence.
  • Both men and women rate dandruff as one of their top hair and scalp related problems.
  • Dandruff is a recurring problem and ordinary shampoos only temporarily wash away dandruff flakes. Clear shampoo with CLEAR TECH removes dandruff*, cuts grease** and decreases hairfall***. 
*Visible flakes, regular use 
**Reduces excessive oil from calp and hair 
***Due to breakage, comparing to non-conditioning shampoo, regular use
  • Clear Hairfall Defense with CLEAR TECH is proven to reduce hairfall by 98%^
^Based on independent study conducted in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam in 2004 and Sri Lanka in 2003.
  • Using hair styling products can leave your hair dull and damaged. Use Clear with CLEAR TECH to gently remove buildup and permanently remove dandruff* from the first wash. 
*Visible flakes, regular use

Dandruff Facts

  • The real culprit of Dandruff is a fungus (bacteria) called “Malassezia” that lives on the scalps of most healthy adults. But sometimes it grows out of control causing irritation that leads to increased cell turnover. The result is a large number of dead skin cells. As the cells fall off, they tend to clump together with oil from the hair and scalp, making them appear white, flaky and all too visible.
  • Dandruff is a scalp disorder which is marked by itching and excessive flaking of the scalp.
  • Scalp is skin and as such contains the same key structures as the rest of our skin. Different people have different scalp skin & needs. Only by deeply penetrating and nourishing the scalp from within, Dandruff will be eliminated and not come back.
  • Sweating, increased oil production, hormonal fluctuations, stress, UV radiation, infrequent washing, diets, food allergies, pollution etc. also contribute to the development of Dandruff.
  • Physical and mental stress, both contribute to dandruff and worsen dandruff problems. So it is important to take good care of yourself and adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • If you suffer from excessive dandruff, try avoiding starchy foods, meat, sugar, strong tea, and coffee, pickled and processed food.

Clear Facts

  • Clear was the first in Pakistan to introduce an anti-dandruff shampoo range for men.
  • Clear shampoo with revolutionary CLEAR TECH mineral complex removes dandruff, cuts grease and makes hair healthy from within. It also removes build-up on scalp due to the use of styling products to give your hair the life it deserves.

Clear Hairfall Defense is proven to reduce hairfall by up to 98%^ (due to hair breakage). 
^Based on independent study conducted in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam in 2004 and Sri Lanka in 2003.

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