Shine & Fragrance that no detergent alone can deliver!

For homemakers, every task, whether it’s preparing a meal or washing the clothes, is an expression of love and affection for her family. Comfort fabric conditioner understands this and helps your loved ones feel cared for everyday through clothes with amazing shine and fragrance that you cannot get from detergent alone.

Comfort is a fabric conditioner that cares for your clothes and gives them much more than a detergent alone

  • Makes clothes soft, smooth and great to wear
  • Adds a long-lasting freshness to your clothes that you can experience even 7 days after washing!
  • Maintains the shine of clothes

Direction For Use


  • After washing clothes with detergent, in the last rinse, Pour half a cap of Comfort in a bucket of water.
  • Soak 10 washed clothes (white or colored) in the bucket containing Comfort.
  • After 5 minutes, removes the clothes and Dry. Do not rinse clothes in water after using Comfort.

Machine Wash

Semiautomatic: Add 1 cap of Comfort in the last rinse

Fully Automatic: Add 1 cap of Comfort in the Fabric Conditioner, Softener or Additive compartment

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