A guidebook to help employers make workplaces safe

As workplaces across the country reopen, the safety and wellbeing of people remains a top priority. At Unilever Pakistan, we want to share our learnings on safety, employee wellbeing and navigating the workplace of the New Normal with those looking to return to work. For a comprehensive view of our safety protocols in offices, factories and the field, please access the purpose-built handbook available on this page. An employee office journey video will help you visually experience the structure and operation of a post COVID office.

Unilever Pakistan hopes to share its learnings with all employers to create a safe working place for all Pakistanis. Please reach out to our team below to get access to more information, artworks or polices.

Hussain Ali Talib
Senior Manager Corporate Affairs

Fatima Arshad
Assistant Manager Corporate Affairs
+9221 3566 0062

Return to Work Handbook

As Unilever Pakistan returns to work, here is a glimpse of our office space and safety protocols.

A safe return to work for well-being of the employees

A Day at Work

A Day at Work in the New Normal – Ensuring Employee Safety in Office Spaces

Brand logo's that supporting the fight against covid-19

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