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Amir R. Paracha

Amir Paracha joined the Board on February 1, 2020, and he is the Chief Executive Officer of Unilever Pakistan Foods Limited. He began his career with Unilever in 2000 as an Assistant Brand Manager and then progressed into diverse Marketing and Sales leadership positions over the course of his career.

Amir Paracha

Chairman, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer

He joined Unilever Pakistan in 2000 and has held various senior management positions in Pakistan and North Africa Middle East cluster over his 20 years with the Company. Prior to taking over as the CEO, in his role as VP Customer Development, he helped deliver solid results and maintained a strong growth mindset, successfully inspiring a transformative vision for the future.

Amir continues to actively experiment with disruptive business models and has championed inclusion across the Unilever ecosystem in Pakistan.

Amir began his career at the Royal Dutch Shell Oil company in July 1996 and has done his Masters in Business Administration from the Institute of Business Administration.

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