Lux, Best-Selling Soap

Unilever’s iconic Lux soap brand has been named the most popular soap bar in the world, according to a major survey.

Historic Roll Call

1972 Lux soap advertisment

The latest figures from market research company ACNielsen place Lux as the globe’s top-selling soap bar, with fellow Unilever brands Dove in second place and Lifebuoy coming fifth in the poll.

Since its launch in 1924, Lux has been endorsed by some of the world’s most beautiful women, with stars including Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Brigitte Bardot appearing in some of its early advertising. In more recent years, celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Catherine Zeta Jones and Jennifer Lopez have also fronted Lux campaigns.

Reinventing An Icon

Long-established as an affordable, luxurious soap brand, Lux has retained its unrivalled popularity by continuing to evolve, embracing consumer trends for new sensual fragrances, colours and textures.

“We have to keep reinventing Lux – just like any beauty icon ­– to ensure we stay at number one,” explains Lux Global Vice President Sze Tian-Poh.

“We are bringing glamour into the world of the Lux consumer by provoking the senses – sight, smell and touch – like never before,” adds Lux Global Brand Director Pilar Calderon. “We want to strengthen the bond with current users while getting lapsed users to reappraise the brand.”

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