Unilever volunteers help create a brightfuture

Unilever volunteers help create a brightfuture

Unilever employees welcomed 2015 by volunteering at Karachi Vocational Training Centre (KVTC) for special persons. KVTC, which was established in 1991 by Dr. Inam-ur-Rahman Khan, a consultant psychiatrist with 14 years of work experience in the UK, & his wife, Mrs. Robina Inam, a UK trained Vocational Therapist, with the help of other doctors, philanthropists & care-givers is one of Unilever’s valuable partners.

Our volunteers, accompanied by the Supply Chain Director visited the 150 KVTC students to teach them the importance of washing their hands with soap on the 5 key occasions. Every year, over 2.1 million children die from diarrhoea and pneumonia making them the top 2 causes of child death. These diseases are easily preventable through a cost effective measure that can be inculcated into our daily routine; hand washing with soap.

The morning started with an orientation tour of the facility, which was not only touching but also helpful for employees to get a better understanding of people with special needs and their abilities at skilled crafts like sewing, embroidery, block printing and many more.

Volunteers greeted the students in the school auditorium for quick snacks, arranged by the volunteers, which also served as an effective ice breaker for the students and volunteers to initiate the handwashing conversation. Volunteers and teachers lad the students to their respective classrooms for a focused discussion about the importance and proper way of handwashing with soap.

“It was a great initiative taken by the team to visit the school of special children. It’s a nice facility and caters to a wide need. It was very heartwarming to spend time with kids.” – Supply Chain Director.

“Great initiative! Truly an eye opener, spending just a little time with these special people made us realize what patience, love & understanding can do for people. It simply brings out the best! In the face of true love & deep caring, no human being can stay out of their hearts.” – Volunteer

“Mixed emotions, looking at people struggling with tasks/abilities that we take for granted in everyday life. Now much more thankful to Allah Almighty for all the blessings and more inclined towards contributing back to society” – Volunteer

This activity was yet another great example of Unilever employees partnering with our NGO partners and contributing to our ambition of Making Sustainable Living Commonplace and creating a brightfuture!

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