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Each year around 3.5 million children in the world under the age of 5 die from diarrhoeal diseases and acute respiratory infections, such as pneumonia. Hand-washing with soap is the single most cost-effective way to prevent diarrhoeal deaths and diseases. For this reason Lifebuoy has embarked on a mission!

The mission is to bring safety, security and health to 170 million Pakistanis through the active promotion of hand-washing.While Lifebuoy products provide accessible hygiene, as the world’s number 1 selling germ protection soap, we know there is more that we can do. For this reason, the brand aims to make a difference in peoples’ day-to-day lives by helping to promote health & hygiene, and in particular encourage people to wash their hands with soap.

Lifebuoy social mission programmes aim to spread positive hygiene messages through hygiene education activities. Keeping this mission in perspective, Lifebuoy – din mai 5 baar campaign was launched in Pakistan as a mass activation drive to reach out to the masses with the simple message of washing hands with soap on 5 key occasions of the day: Before the 3 meals, post defecation and during bathing.

In-order to inculcate this habit change amongst masses especially kids the message was rolled out on TV (with a catchy jingle), radio, print, on-ground activations, packaging and most importantly through a school programme! This campaign was spearheaded by one of the most famous celebrities of Pakistan, legendary cricketer Wasim Akram.

The Lifebuoy 2010 school program was stretched across 3 months. From each of the schools that were enrolled, 5 students were selected as Wasim Akram’s vice-captains entrusted with the mission to roll out the programme in their schools with their teachers.

In-order to ensure great implementation vice-captains and teachers were trained and were given kits to help them in their mission. Lifebuoy strongly believes that prevention is better than cure; we don’t need super-humans or doctors when we can exercise our power to bring about the change in society.

This effort to build a healthy nation is being undertaken with the collaboration of Idara-e-Taleem-o-Agahi one of Lifebuoy’s Social Mission partners. Lifebuoy has touched225000 studentsof1000+ schoolsacross Lahore, Karachi, Multan and Islamabad/ Rawalpindi districts’ schools. And with the efforts of the trained students we have been able to get5 Million people across Pakistan to pledge to the habit of washing hands with soap on the 5 key occasions of the day.

Today’s (13th February ‘2011) event is being conducted to present awards to those students and teachers who have taken this mission to their hearts and have come out all guns blazing to lead our march towards a Healthy Pakistan! Myriam Sidibe – Lifebuoy’s Global Mission Director and Wasim Akram have graced the occasion as chief guests. Myriam Sidibebeing an expert in health & hygiene has come especially to Pakistan to support the Lifebuoy team in their mission to reach 170 million Pakistanis with their message of personal hygiene through regular hand-washing.


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