Grand musical, glamorous stars launch new Magnum® flavours in Pakistan

KARACHI: Unilever Pakistan launched new Magnum®, its flag-ship brand within the Wall’s Ice-cream portfolio last week end. Nida Butt’s original musical “A Royal Remedy” launched the new Magnum® Brand Council and the new flavours that will now be available for Pakistani consumers. The new “Royal Treatment” campaign for the brand serves to introduce the new Magnum with Belgian Chocolate, the most premium chocolate in the World. The latest range also marks the addition of a new flavour Truffle over its existing successful offerings of Classic and Almond Magnums

Farheen Salman, Director Ice Cream said, “Wall’s is the dominant market leader in the Ice Cream category and is proud to be bringing the world’s most premium ice cream Magnum to its Pakistani consumers. Made with luxurious chocolate from Belgium, Magnum is not just a stick of ice cream but an indulgent dessert made for those who appreciate the finest things in life!”

The launch event was attended by some of the biggest names in media and fashion in the country headlined by an original musical “A Royal Remedy” set in 17th Century France, with a stellar cast and production team.

The musical was written by Uns Mufti especially for the Magnum launch, directed and choreographed by Nida Butt with seasoned actors Sanam Saeed, Rubya Chaudhry, Faraz Lodhi and Momin Zafar in lead roles. This production is also unique since this the first time in Pakistan that there will be a 12 man orchestra on stage providing the music score, directed by Hamza Jaferi. Hamza said “It’s been a real treat to conduct a 12 piece orchestra, it’s very much east meets west with sitars, electric guitars, and congas in the mix”

A Royal Affair

The rest of the event was nothing less than a Royal affair either. The event venue had a Magnum airship (Pakistan’s first) hovering right over it, with the Magnum Brand Council (Tapu Javeri, Deepak Perwani, Nabila, Kiran Aman & Madiha Sultan of Lal’s Chocolate fame and brand ambassadors Ayyan and Aisha Linnea Akhtar) arriving at the red carpet in vintage Rolls Royces with the elaborate red carpet coverage telecast live inside the venue.

The entire ambiance of the venue was based on the theme of decadence and opulence of 17th century European Royalty, showcased with long court tables and towering Greek statues.

There were even certain completely unique ambiance elements at the event that brought the entire place alive and buzzing such as a 16ft high ribbon tree on top of a bar that was serving custom Magnum desserts with chefs also creating their own Magnums in a dipping station with various toppings for the guests.

The atmosphere was accentuated further with thrilling elements such Brazilian models adorning dresses shaped like tables serving chocolate shots to the guests and a dessert buffet table that had mimes’ with their heads protruding out of the table, inviting them to try the various chocolate desserts on offer. Certainly a night with a lot of firsts and never before seen elements overall making for an extremely unique and royal experience

Magnum as a brand has attracted some of the biggest Hollywood celebrity endorsers in the world such as Eva Longoria, Eva Mendes, Ivanka Trump, Benicio Del Toro and Rachel Bilson, to name just a few. Similarly, in Pakistan the campaign is being spear-headed by the Magnum Brand Council comprising some of the biggest fashion/lifestyle names that is Tapu Javeri, Deepak Perwani, Nabila, Kiran Aman, Madiha Sultan and top models Ayyan and Aisha Linnea Akhtar as the brand ambassadors

Nabila said “I work really hard to create perfection in my field and to reward my achievements I indulge in the finest things in life, needless to say I’m part of the Magnum brand council, because I associate with the best.” Tapu Javeri also at the event said “My passion for photography is obvious to everyone but I’m also passionate about Belgian chocolate in the new Magnum with premium quality vanilla ice-cream that makes Magnum a royal indulgence fit for a king.”

Deepak Perwani said “I enjoy the finest things in life, I want everyday in my life to be pleasurable, so when it comes to ice-cream I only want the best, the ice-cream of royalty, the new Magnum with Belgian chocolate, enjoy the Royal treatment.”

About Magnum | Belgian Chocolate

Magnum is the most premium brand of Walls Ice Cream globally and also the #1 ice-cream brand in the developed markets where its available around the World. Magnum serves to address a more evolved palate for premium chocolate ice-cream for the Pakistani consumer, developing over the years due to growing exposure and awareness. The Magnum consumer is used to the finer things in life, and when it comes to premium ice-cream, there’s only one answer. Therefore Magnum’s message is simple: Now you can enjoy the Royal Treatment everyday

The all-new Magnum Ice Cream is indulgence like no other, with velvety, smooth and creamy ice cream coated with a thick layer of cracking Belgian chocolate. The premium quality vanilla ice cream is combined with rich chocolate in an ice cream bar that is so indulgent and pleasurable; it makes you feel like royalty, making it the ultimate sensorial experience from the very first bite. The brand aims to become a global icon of the most pleasurable and sophisticated chocolate ice-cream experience with a product belief and philosophy that “a day without pleasure is a day lost.”

Along with having a rich aura, Belgian chocolate also possesses a rich heritage dating back to the 17th Century when the nation was ruled by Spain. In that day and age chocolate was enjoyed as a drink at the exotic Belgian Grand Palace. Thus, owing to its exquisite qualities, Belgian chocolate is historically known as the chocolate of European royalty. While French chocolate tends to be bitter and exotic, Swiss chocolate is sweeter and toffee-like.

Belgian chocolate, on the other hand is celebrated for how balanced the various flavours are due to the cacao being so well blended with the softness of cream to produce a chocolate that tastes smooth yet intense. This is the reason that Belgian chocolate is considered the gourmet standard by which all other chocolates are measured.

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