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Pearl Dust

Pearl Dust logo

Pearl Dust is the Sindhi soul that imbues intimacy and warmth in a couple’s relationship.

In 1869 Arthur Brooke, the son of a tea merchant, opened a tea shop in Manchester. That was the start of the Brooke Bond family of teas which are sold in countries around the world, including Russia, India and Pakistan. By 1957 it was probably the largest tea company in the world, with one-third share of both the British and Indian tea markets. There is now a wide range of products available from Brooke Bond including tea bags and loose tea of different varieties.

Sindh is a land renowned for its strong traditions and culture. Tea in Sindh, like other cultures in Pakistan, is a beverage which is cherished by the masses; it is the cornerstone of hospitality and can make or break relationships. In a society where traditions run supreme, Pearl Dust provides a platform for bringing loved ones together on a cup of tea. Passion and hospitality are Pearl Dust’s citadel - an experience in the making from where the Pearl logo acquired its iconic status ever since its launch in 1984.

Pearl Dust is currently positioned on the togetherness platform emphasizing that it’s a blend which draws the loved ones back home.

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